Flexible Lease Rental Options.

Spread the cost of your fleet technology with easy monthly payments.

Spread the cost of fleet technology with our flexible Lease Rental option

If you need to fit out your entire fleet of vehicles with technology, such as passenger WiFi, tracking and USB power systems, then Lease Rental of the equipment may be a preferable option, allowing you to spread the cost of buying and installing the equipment over 2 to 5 years.

With Lease Rental, you do not own the equipment, but at the end of the term we can arrange a final purchase payment and then the equipment belongs to you - or you just simply return it and we can help you upgrade to the latest equipment for another term.

There is also a Lease Purchase option where you can own the equipment outright at the end of the term, but an upfront payment, including the entire VAT element of the capital cost is payable in advance.  However, most customers will use the Lease Rental option as the whole rental amount is tax allowable.

Leasing options are only available to Limited Companies, LLCs and PLCs.  If you are a sole trader or partnership then we cannot introduce you to our leasing partner.  The minimum order value is £4,000 + VAT in order to qualify for leasing.

Lease Rental Example

20 x BEAM 5i Automotive Router @ £475 + VAT each
Total capital cost = £9,500 + VAT

Term Monthly Rental Equivalent Daily Rental
2 Years £463.03 £15.22
3 Years £321.96 £10.58
4 Years £252.23 £8.29
5 Years £210.62 £6.92
  • Equivalent Daily Rentals are shown for illustration purposes.

  • Rentals are a guide and are subject to VAT.

  • Rentals payable monthly in advance by Direct Debit.

  • Rentals may change in line with cost of funds or underwriting.

  • Rentals are subject to an annual service charge of typically £30-50 + VAT, levied by the lender.

  • All agreements will be subject to a Document Fee of typically £130-200 + VAT.

  • All quotes are subject to status.

How it Works

1) Decide on the equipment you want and contact us for a full quote and rental costs.

2) We will send you a simple online application form to complete, which we will then forward to our leasing partner and put them in touch with you.

3) Our leasing partner will perform underwriting and then will contact you to get the Rental Agreement in place.  An agreement-in-principle can normally be confirmed within 24 hours.

4) Once you have signed the agreement, we will process the order and have the goods delivered to you within the specified time.  Return the Acceptance Certificate back to us, and your equipment will be activated for use.

5) At the end of the term, simply return the equipment and we can arrange an upgrade to the latest kit, or make an optional final payment to own the equipment (typically 5% of the original capital cost).

We are not credit brokers, but we will introduce you to our partner, System Rentals Limited, who will handle the whole application and approval process on your behalf.

Spread the cost of your fleet technology with our flexible lease options

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